A broken iPhone screen may be very disruptive and annoying, damaging the functionality and aesthetics of your wonderfully crafted iPhone and possibly causing you downtime.  

Broken iPhone Screen  

Reasons Why iPhone Screen Gets Broken 

There are hundreds of reasons why iPhone screen cracks or breaks. Some of the most frequent ways are sitting down with the iPhone in your back pocket, dropping your iPhone on a hard flooring or pavement, or placing the iPhone at the most bottom part of your bag and many more.  

There are a lot of good practice steps or ways which you can do to recognize the depth of the issue and give an answer which reduces your hassle factor and fits your budget. 

Therefore, is it worth repairing our broken iPhone screen? 

It is correct that up to the third of the owners of the iPhone with a broken iPhone screen will not fix it. Even though your iPhone can still be working, it is decent to say that the iPhone screen which is broken will not last long as compared to an intact iPhone screen. 

  • It is important to maintain the value of your iPhone 

Basically, if you want your iPhone to be traded in and attain its utmost value when you upgrade, it’s very vital that you maintain it in an excellent and acceptable working order. It is obvious that a damaged or broken iPhone screen would get a lesser value compared to an intact one. In addition to that, repairing your iPhone screen would also mean it is categorized as working and would get a full value for it. 

This only shows that it’s worth having your cracked iPhone screen fixed to ensure that when you trade your iPhone in, you can a time and actually maximize its full value. 

  •  The time and cost of fixing your iPhone screen is actually better than you anticipate 

The most common reaction of the customers is to visit to Apple in order to fix their broken iPhone screen. However, this may be a very expensive way on older models and even though the quality is always assured, it can usually take time to book for an appointment to have your repair done. 

  • Leaving the iPhone screen broken will result to a long-term problem 

Furthermore, if you leave your iPhone with a broken screen for several weeks, your iPhone is more exposed to further problems. A cracked screen of your iPhone would mean that your phone is vulnerable to ingression and water damage. If a water or a large volume of seeps or leaks into your phone via the broken screen there is a possibility that your iPhone will be permanently damaged and can short circuit. If this is the case, it is best that you have your iPhone repaired by a professional for a high quality and effective iPhone repair in Portland. 

What will be your immediate solution if you have problems with your iPhone screen? 

If you happen to break or crack your phone screen really bad, we would usually advise you to be more cautious in using your phone, as small fragments of glass could cause splinters in your fingers and worse, some of these shards of glass might enter into your ear.